About Us

Mission Statement


 FFCO is a teaching and motivational ministry that works with at risk teenagers, both male and female.  The mission of FFCO is to work with the youth of inner city low income communities.  FFCO is committed to working with youth from single parent homes; teenagers whose parents have never attended college; whose parents are incarcerated and or have gang involvement.  FFCO will offer inspirational support and teaching to youth between the ages of 12-18 years.  The goal of FFCO will be to direct our youth in the values of life and discipline along with building character through academic, emotional and spiritual development; that they may develop a proper worldview that will enable them to learn life skills.  We will expose our teens to role models and leaders of the community who have a proven track record of success, and who can also act as mentors. 

We Need You


 It takes an entire village to raise a child and that is why we need the help of partners like you.  With your support, we can avoid staggering statistics such as these:

  • Several studies have successfully documented a clear correlation between drug use and truancy.  One study found that 51% of juvenile detainees - not in school at the time of their arrest -  tested positive for drug use.  Another study reported that 53% of 403 male arrestees tested positive for drugs when taken to juvenile hall.
  • The Texas Youth Commission reports that incarcerated youth read at the 4th and 5th grade level; a full 4-5 years behind their peers.  The TYC also reports that 8th grade was the last grade completed.



  1. Training in community volunteer projects. 
  2. Cultural enrichment field trips; ie. Museums, Orchestra, etc. 
  3. Learning & Development Classes; ie. Sewing, Drama, Piano, Cooking. 
  4. Job Preparation Assistance - Dress to Impress, Interview Coaching. 
  5. Open Dialogue Conversations; ie. Truancy, Substance Abuse, etc.